Charitarth Unagar

CSUCCESS Technologies

Born: April, 21 1993, Surat
Height: 1.6m
Nationality: Indian
Education: Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad
Spouse: Nalini Unagar (m.2019)
Children (Son): Sarvagna Unagar (DOB: 18-04-2020)
Parents: Himmat Unagar, Sonal Unagar

Being an important part of our youth in his twenties, he is very social, say from Twitter to Instagram, we are aware of his thoughts and actions. He also owes a YouTube channel. Living a passionate life he describes himself as a Dream Designer. ‘Charitarth’ means to satiate and to gratify. And being a fresher in the path of success, he is willing to achieve his aims and passions and reach the peak of glory with his artistic skills and work. Much inspiring for a person like him he adores being an Indian.

His young blood for passion speaks clearly about his dreams and ambitions in life. He says “Always believe in those things which are not visible”. He seems to be a believer. He is good to go much further in his life on the road of success and struggle as being a Taurus they usually are people with sharp business acumen and loyal, hard working men.

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